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My New Painting, Cowgirl With Guitar, An Abstract Portrait
on 14th May 2013
 Cowgirl With GuitarThis artwork portrays a stylized cowgirl playing a guitar.  In this painting the woman and her guitar are painted in a representational manner, while the background is geometric and abstract.  She wears a deep yellow blouse, with a multi-hued background of pale green, blue and pale yellow.  Cowgirl With...

Transient light
on 21st February 2013
I just can't help myself loving these landscape paintings, some more abstract than others. I like the way the sky dominates in big spaces. That time of day when the landscape is just emerging at dawn, features are barely distinct. It reminds me of many happy memories of walking in the highlands and moorlands, those lonely places full of...

Artist Focus: Yelena Dyumin
on 19th December 2012
 Yelena Dyumin is a painter who’s spent decades developing her own bright, cheerful style that allows the acrylic medium to reach its full potential. She paints men and women with round faces so that their smiles could stretch all the way across, creating her own world of color and whimsy where nothing can go wrong. Some of her works...

Iris abstraction 10
on 13th June 2012
Irises is my favorite flower and I love to paint them. Whatever subject I paint, I try to put my spin on it, break it down and simplify it. This is the first painting I did of this kind of Iris, and it lead to me doing the larger painting with 3 of them. I wanted the background to be vivid but not drawing too much attention away from the flower,...

Updated artwork
on 1st May 2012
Have been making and showing some new tango sculpture. There is a video on YouTube called 'Sophie Howard Tango' where you can see me making one, speeded up. There are more of them on my website I have also uploaded some other strong new work. I need some new images of them though, in action... watch this space.

The Digital Art of Van Renselar
on 20th December 2011
Van Renselar explains how he creates his pictures. There are some misunderstandings surrounding digital painting, but I'm not here to explain how other people create their work, only to shed some light on how I create mine. I create my pictures in 3 stages. Firstly I hand draw and paint all elements of each picture on paper, fabric, board, found...