Browsing Movement

on 18th July 2014
I discover the fact of the nature and life from the cloud that it always changes all the time as the philosophy of the life says  " Nothing lasts long forever " I interpret the cloud movement to my art and hope the art brings the fact of life to mankind.

Changing face of an LGV landscape
on 18th March 2013
At the moment within this blog I am collating imagery through photography, sketches, studies on site.Close to my home in France, a new railway line is under construction. the LGV, 'Long Grande Vitesse'.This line is to travel from Bordeaux to Paris. It has been under discussion for many years, but finally construction began in April 2012...

on 7th July 2012
I've been working on a whole series of works on canvas-wrapped MDF recently. Each is finished with expressive, spiralling gestural brushwork and a smattering of dots... More to follow!

Making sculpture
on 8th November 2011
While I was making this piece, a video was being made which is now on You Tube. Watch it here:

Let's blog it!
on 21st October 2011
So here we are, new to blogging, new to reading blogs well so am I but let's go for it and see where we end up. I wanted to start and try and tell you a little about my work and believe it or not I only recently kind of worked it out. I think this will change as my work develops but I was interviewed recently and it was only talking about where I...