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The Artsia Blog

Artist Focus: Alastair Taylor
on 3rd March 2014
This month our Artist Focus interviewee comes all the way from Australia. Acrylic painter Alastair Taylor focuses every scene he paints on the light within it, and his portfolio varies as much in subject matter as it does in style.Urban scenes packed with people meet rural scenes of farm animals, and some of his landscapes border more on abstract...

Artist Focus: Karen Griffiths
on 27th January 2014
Our interview for this month’s Artist Focus is with British painter Karen Griffiths, whose extraordinary oil and acrylic paintings feature solitary figures against abstracted backgrounds. By removing each child or woman from a realistic context and placing them against a swath of color, each person she paints assumes a new impressionistic...

Artist Focus: Jon Glaser
on 28th December 2013
Our interview for this month’s Artist Focus is with Jon Glaser, an American photographer capturing the beauty of nature on film. His photos have a calm stillness to them, even though the clouds might have been billowing past and the water rushing through. The instant each photo was snapped is frozen in time with a delicateness that captures...

Artist Focus: Simon Goss
on 20th November 2013
Simon Goss works as a graphic designer, but in his spare time he steps away from the screen to attend live model classes and paint the human form in watercolor. Using a pencil to sketch their outline, Simon balances the composition with soft spreading colors, creating incredible representations of real people against an empty backdrop.In this...

Artist Focus: Slavomir Zombek
on 28th October 2013
 For this month's Artist Focus interview, we sat down with Slovakian artist Slavomir Zombek to learn the thought process behind his minimal works. They vary from geometric to still lives, but no matter how different his artworks may seem, each adheres to a strict sense of order and straightforwardness. He focuses on tactile elements...

Meet Hal Lasko, 98-Year-Old Pixel Painter
on 5th October 2013
Way before we started painting on tablets and sending emails instead of letters, Hal Lasko worked as a graphic artist by hand.  Now, Hal’s 98 and still at it. In 2005 he switched to digital painting, and now spends up to 10 hours a day on his work. People call him the ‘Pixel Painter.’ That difficult switch from...

Jerusalem Holds Its First Biennale, Showcasing 50 Artists At Five Venues
on 15th September 2013
Today is the opening day of Jerusalem's first biennale, the latest city to join the growing list of places that step into the cultural spotlight every other year. Running from Sept. 15 until the end of October, the biennale is comprised of six exhibitions at five locations that represent more than 50 Jewish artists in total. ...

Artist Focus: Viktor Khachtchanski
on 24th August 2013
Our Artist Focus this month comes all the way from Finland -- surrealist painter Viktor Khachtchanski, whose melting scenes of shape and colour take us to another world entirely. His work is diverse and conceptual, all with a stylistic signature that comes in the form of Dalí-like shapes that exist somewhere between solid and liquid....