Currently exhibiting as part of a group selected show, at the Truman Brewery, Gallery 25, London, and the Espacio Gallery Bethnal Green, London. All finishes on the 22nd April. Following the show, three Artists will be awarded a one person show in 2015. Wish me luck.


The work in the truman brewery is 2.L.R Relief and Akai, Kyoto Station Japan. Both can be found on my Artsia Site.


Work for the Espacio Gallery, is Salinas en Sal, salt pans studys, 3 and 7 and Wild Quarry. Oil On Board.

I am teaching to all those interested, amateur & professional artists.

If you fancy a painting holiday in south-west France, check out this site

then check out Lulu Hancock

At the moment within this blog I am collating imagery through photography, sketches, studies on site.

Close to my home in France, a new railway line is under construction. the LGV, 'Long Grande Vitesse'.

This line is to travel from Bordeaux to Paris. It has been under discussion for many years, but finally construction began in April 2012 and is moving at an amazing speed.


This blog is there to show the development over time of the railway line, (something that I in my life time have never witnessed), and thus the development of my artistic interpretation of this construction.


I have chosen a photo to represent the blog and not a painting, as all work at this moment in time is in progress.


I am, as I always work, collating, producing, sketching, photographing and above all 'thinking' on how...