About the Artist

I was born in 1982 in Lucknow, UP a state of India. I grew up with my parents and two brothers, though most of my life I lived out in hostels.
In my early ages I grew up in beautiful surroundings of Mussoorie.

I always observed those hills, valleys, forests, woods and those remarkable sunrises & sunsets. With time it became part of core interest for me. Hence nature is the central theme underlying my work.

The images transferred on to the canvas here are replete with nature that substitutes the external one translating feeling and emotions. I strongly believe art should energize and revitalize you along with giving you peace and pleasure.

The creations are about the inner journey, one that portrays about a personal response to the landscape. Exploration, observation and careful thoughts are the key to success. Ideally there should be some interaction between size of the objects and horizon. Good composition is to judge what to leave out as it is and where to lay the detailing.

I always carried very specific eye for detail where ever I lived or worked. My creations share a love of realism and rustic pattern, mix of colors like blue, orange and grey that continues to be part of me.

I have a long relation with nature, probably since my childhood. I ask you, “where is the realism of yesterday?” One should not forget the way our forefathers use to tap it on their canvas.

Do you know the life they lived, the man made structures slowly creeping into the earth, smoke from the chimney of the mill floating up at an angle?

John Cage very well said, “We need not destroy the past.

It has gone.”...............................


§ Solo Exhibition at Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi (July 2010)

§ Participated in 9th Indian Art Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia(Nov 2009)

§ Show at Indian International Art Fair Delhi at Pragati Maidan (Sept 2010)

Artwork Sold:-

§ “EYES AGAINST SPECTRUM” sold at Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi

§ “BREATH WATCHING” sold at Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi.

§ “LADY PRINCESS” procured by Hotel Taj Palace.

§ “THAT BURNING EVENING” sold to a US Buyer.

§ “STORM APPROACHING” sold to a UK Buyer.

§ “ORANGE WALL” sold to Absolutes BPO