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Artist Membership | Artsia

Artist Membership



Sell your art online, and join a growing international network of professional contemporary artists


Artsia.com is the website for the Society of International Artists. Our purpose is to bring together an extensive online collection of leading edge contemporary work by member artists from around the world.


Artist membership is free, and is open to artist either by invitation or application (see link below). Membership is open to professional contemporary artists, and is judged on originality, skill, commitment and consistency, and who our curatorial team feels will fit well within our exhibited body of work.


The website allows you to exhibit and sell originals of your work, as well as take part in our Fine Art Prints program, fulfilled by our respected partner network of fine art printers. For sales of originals you earn 75% of the sale price as set by you, and for prints, you receive 50%, and we cover all the costs of printing, shipping and handling.


Members can upload up to 40 originals and 40 prints. You can also publish press releases, write updates and exhibition news, and maintain a profile page with your own unique web address. Our team actively markets the site both on and offline on behalf of our members, and writes regular articles that we publish online. We also research and send out regular email updates with artist opportunities and actively curate the content on the site, and our social media channels.




Apply to become a Member Artist


The artist application takes a few minutes to complete, and there are no costs to apply. The application involves uploading 3 sample images of your work and some basic information, which our team will review and we'll get back to you within 10 days.