About the Artist

Architecture-M.A/ Watercolor painter
Lecturer/ Architecture engineering/ PNU/ from 2005 continued
Member of "Global Network of Watercolor Painters"

At the beginning he chose watercolor as a means to show architecture designs.
..But later he used watercolor to converse with others as well as with himself.

Each instrument that shows human’s inner associations easily, and communicates with them, is a suitable means and it can differ according to each person and his experiences.
Watercolor is the instrument in need and I communicated with its fluency, fluidity and simplicity.

Solo exhibition/ Nikan cultural Institute/ 2002
Solo exhibition/ Kowsar gallery/ 2009
Solo exhibition/ Isfahan Museum of contemporary art/ 2010
Solo exhibition/ Apadana gallery/ 2010
Solo exhibition/ The central municipal library of Isfahan/ 2011
Solo exhibition/ Kowsar gallery/ 2011

Participation in “ Taalab-e-Gavkhooni “ (Gavkhooni Pond) art exhibit in group/ 2005
Participaitn in the "1st Exhibition of Global Network of Watercolor Painters" in "Incheon/education and cultural for student, Korea" in 2010