Abstraction: An Expanse for Wandering- Article by Serena Kovalosky

Sometimes visuals can explain better than words. Abstraction taps directly into the viewer's Artist Mind, since there are no obvious references for the Logical Mind to grasp, providing an unlimited expanse of territory for creative wandering.
Oksana Cherkas is a painter from Belarus whose abstract work reflects an emotional scale of feelings and circumstances. In the beginning, Cherkas painted landscapes, still lifes and portraits. "My internal world, however, had become so overflowing that it began to be impossible for me to express it by images of objects and people. So I began to paint in abstraction."
"Abstract art does not seem abstract for me," the artist says. "It is an attempt to harmonize myself with the world. It is something akin to music and silence. Art as a whole is one of few things in which it is possible to be engaged, but not necessarily from need. To create something really beautiful it is necessary to be full of love. From the heights of art, the world seems filled with God's work, and creativity is good because it offers hope."
As I perused each piece, I found my energy and emotion changing with each one, and would often find myself going back over previous pieces to gauge the various energy differences. It's a fascinating journey. Cherkas' titles reveal the inspiration behind each painting, but she offers a suggestion as you view each piece: "You can imagine something else entirely and suggest your own title for each image."
"For me, art is a height of a mountain," says Cherkas. "If this height is taken, it becomes a property of all mankind and from this point one can climb farther. "
Creative wanderings are good for the mind, and food for the soul. And the more we appreciate the artwork created by the living artists of our time, the more work they will continue to generously offer our world to enjoy.

Serena Kovalosky,
Artist, writer and cultural entrepreneur

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