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New work and events at the studio | Artsia

New work and events at the studio

      Hello, everybody, I hope you all have been seeing some wonderful art lately.  I've been working in my "new" studio, creating collages and having a new experience I'd like to tell you about. We live in the Woodstock/Saugerties area of the Hudson Valley,with a growing film festival "industry'....a director saw my husband's 1969 classic Pontiac Grand Prix and wanted it in a film he's working on. He and the producer came to finalize contracts,and while here, they wanted to see the studio. The result being several of my works are in the film also. It is a murder mystery, shot in the local area and New York City........ more details as they develop.

Here are the new collages, three of which are showing at Orange Hall Gallery at SUNY Orange Community College until  the end of October.

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