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The art of miniature is a medieval painting technique through which the artists used to depict scenes of daily life as well as political and religious trends. I firmly believe that traditional reportage is to photography what conservatory is to music and when a so trained musician experiments through that type of "know how," most of the time the results are incredible and original. I try to pursue this type of experimentation through my photography and being keen on reportage I dig into its techniques and angles, but I always tend to associate different elements and characters in order to convey a message deeply connected to the location, the people and how they relate with the rest of the planet. My attempt is to blend together different shooting approaches and create a language that is making the most of the modern technology.
MicroChina is a project composed by miniature style photographs representing the side of the daily chinese routine that, because of the "macro" size of the country, is going unnoticed by the general eye. This photo essay is not claiming to tell a story but it is certainly willing to describe how China is mingling with globalization and capitalism.
Each single image carries several symbols and the association of places, individuals and various elements that boost at the maximum the segmentation of a huge land where dozens of ethnicities have lived and evolved for centuries.
MicroChina is a everyday surreal environment where the "ancient" meets the "cutting edge" in a chain coffee shop with the blessing of the regime and the CEOs of the main western corporations.

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