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Jerusalem Holds Its First Biennale, Showcasing 50 Artists At Five Venues | Artsia

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Jerusalem Holds Its First Biennale, Showcasing 50 Artists At Five Venues

Today is the opening day of Jerusalem's first biennale, the latest city to join the growing list of places that step into the cultural spotlight every other year.


Running from Sept. 15 until the end of October, the biennale is comprised of six exhibitions at five locations that represent more than 50 Jewish artists in total. 


"Contemporary Jewish Art can reflect what is happening today in the Jewish world and catalyze historic, social and religious processes," the biennale's website reads. "It can open up new avenues of discourse and become a powerful arena for re-invention."


The event aims to discuss what Jewish contemporary art is by highlighting a range of artistic interpretations that have the Jewish/Israeli identity at their core. 


Three of the biennale's six exhibitions opened today, with the remaining three scheduled to open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, each with openings free to the public. 


Wednesday's opening is a street art exhibition called Traditional, featuring work that interprets traditional texts and customs in contemporary ways. 


A collection of work by Israeli photojournalist Ziv Koren opens on Thursday in an exhibition titled Seventy Faces. The photographs selected reveal places and situations where Jewish symbols intersect with a complicated Israeli reality.


'Where better than the city of Jerusalem to promote a new discourse on the intersection between all aspects of the Jewish imagination—intellectual, spiritual and artistic?" the website asks. "Jerusalem—both the sacred center of Judaism for thousands of years and the capital city of the modern State of Israel--is uniquely positioned to be the site for this conversation."
Read more about the Jerusalem Biennale on their website.

Photo via The Jerusalem Biennale's Facebook page.

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