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Meet Hal Lasko, 98-Year-Old Pixel Painter | Artsia

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Meet Hal Lasko, 98-Year-Old Pixel Painter

Way before we started painting on tablets and sending emails instead of letters, Hal Lasko worked as a graphic artist by hand.
Now, Hal’s 98 and still at it. In 2005 he switched to digital painting, and now spends up to 10 hours a day on his work. People call him the ‘Pixel Painter.’
That difficult switch from traditional to digital was forced by an eye disease that causes blindness in the center of his vision. And even though Hal doesn’t see them the same way we do, he’s created more than 150 digital works during his 13 years in the medium. 
“When I started to go blind, I wasn’t able to get the brush quite where I wanted it,” Hal told WIRED in an interview earlier this week. “So when I got into the art program on the computer, I appreciated that I could blow it up eight hundred times [larger] and be sure that I was hitting the right spot.”
He left the service after WWII and worked as a graphic designer for Goodyear and The Cleveland Browns. 
Now after decades of advertisements he’s painting what he wants, with inspiration from the likes of Edward Hopper and Paul Klee. He only uses MS Paint to create his compositions, and now he runs an entire online store’s worth of prints.  
For more, read Hal Lasko's interview with Wired, and see/buy his work on his website.


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