About the Artist

Lili Bunyik was born in Novi Sad, Serbia in year 1983. After finishing the high school for design Bogdan Šuput, she graduates on the Academy of Art in Novi Sad. She is finishing her master studies at this moment.
From year 2005 she is a member of asociation Peart, leading art sections for children and adults, afterwards in 2009 she becames a Persident of the association.
Active member of the parents councelling centre and in a common innititive with this institutution and the Ministry of education she starts a new division of a Painter Tehnician on Hungarian laguage in the school Bogdan Šuput. The same division starts in Senta also in year 2008 as a part of the Gymasium for talented children Boljai. She takes the leadership over the preparation program for the intake exams.
She starts to work in the educational sector as a regular teacher early, as an apsolvent in year 2005 in the following schools:, High school for medicine, Gymasium for talented children Boljai, Agricultural high school and High school for design Bogdan Šuput.
She had numerous individual and group exhibitions, took part on various art colonies since 1996 in Serbia and abroad. Her well appreciated paintings can be found in private collections in Serbia and in other countries throughout the World.
She works and live in Novi Sad, Serbia.