About the Artist

Oksana Cherkas was born in Minsk, Belarus. Studied at the Philological Department of Belarus State Pedagogical University. Attend theatre courses. She graduated from the Belarus State Pedagogical University at specialization: Russian language and literature.
Some time she was a teacher of Russian language and literature in the middle school. Then she was a director of the children theatre in gymnasium No. 5.
Oksana Cherkas had Fine Art education at studio by L.M. Gomonov and V.K. Tsvirko.

My feelings and emotions are in a continual struggle, which is then displayed on a canvas. I began in a manner close to expressionism and primitivism then I come to abstract art. It seems me closer to music and gives wider possibilites.

1997 --- Minsk, exhibition hall of the National Library of Belarus.
1998 --- Minsk, hall of the cinema "Oktouber."
2000 --- Vitebsk, hall of the Ya. Kolas Academic Dramatic Theatre.
2002 --- Minsk, Gallery of Modern Art.