About the Artist

Cody Clark is a graphic designer, artist and writer that lives in the quietest little neighborhood he could find within Los Angeles County. He graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has been a part-time instructor at Art Center, focusing on Letterpress Printing and Spatial Graphics for almost 13 years. He is also Principal, Design Director of the Graphic and Wayfinding Group in the Los Angeles office of RTKL Associates Inc.

What's my thing+++

I am constantly searching for old black and white photography. The kind that are torn from the pages from photo albums from somewhere like 1912 Des Moines, or the high plains of Texas, per-ww2 japan, or from somewhere I can't imagine the place... Each one that I select strikes me in some way. Whether it makes me laugh, makes me remember times that don't exist any longer or moments that have run through my fingertips. In all the cases, I see stories.

I do enjoy collecting objects. Usually objects that have purpose or have had a purpose in their past as an object. I really enjoy purposeful things. Normal objects that carry their fingerprint of what service or function they served. I love daily things, things that we use everyday unnoticed, things are in essence boring.

I am not your typical artist. I don't make art everyday, month or year. I go through phases where I make. Usually at the kitchen table I gather and begin to curate stories. I work very quickly, arranging narrations that seem to flow more intuitively than purposeful. I never make drafts allowing for what occurs to occur. I assume no perfection or preconceived goal, wanting for each piece to live in the moment with all it's flaws and inconsistencies. I create instantly, based on a moment that is passing and try to create as much as I can to protect the memories that I have created. Since I don't believe that art is permanent, I create as if its fleeting, momentary or impulsive. I assume that what I make is not gold, it's paper, ink, objects and glue... Temporary. Fleeting.

2003 "Slyly Slipping the Ravine", Grinder Gallery, Dallas, Texas