About the Artist

I have been dedicated recently to re-awakening the joy, innocence, and beauty of our childhood. In a world raging over discrepancies, I contemplate the qualities of our formative years and communicate them through my paintings. At the age of 12, after an original Rousseau painting imbued me with a sense of the strength I could feel as a woman, I realized my purpose was to inspire others with images of my own. I went on to study Art at the University of Texas and then studied for my Masters at Pratt Institute in New York. Additionally, I've attended numerous painting workshops with Charles Reid, Millard Sheets, Dong Kingdom, and many other notable artists.

I create acrylic and watercolor paintings in my studio in New Mexico. My newest series presents portraits of my grandchildren and reflect the experiences of having painted and sold numerous portraits through commissions based on photographs.

My technique is derived from earlier experiences in creating enamels. Because I wanted to produce larger size enamels than the limited size of the copper my kiln would allow me to fire, I began to look for the smaller shapes in the subjects I wanted to create. These smaller shapes would be cut up from the copper and fired individually, then glued to a wooden panel. The toxic fumes from the chemicals I was using forced me to stop enameling, but I still see the shapes no ordinarily picked out when looking at a subject, and I still paint them.

I have been included in many exhibitions around the country and won numerous awards. This is a list of the exhibitions:

Texas Designer Craftsman. Three years. Award for Excellence.
Summit Art Center Show. New Jersey. Judges Award.
El Paso Designer Craftsman. Judges Award.
Marietta Crafts National Competition. Judges Award.
National Invitational Enamel Show. New York.
American Craft Enterprises. Dallas.
Camino Real Hotel featured artist. El Paso.
Sierra Medical Center's El Paso Art Association Arts International. Seven years.
Mesilla Valley Fine Arts, Fourth Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. Purchase Award.
National Watercolor Society's 77th Annual Exhibition.
Rio Bravo Watercolorist Show. Juror's Award.
New Mexico Watercolor Society, several Juror's Awards.
Masterworks of New Mexico. Albuquerque.
Upstream Peoples Gallery, special recognition