About the Artist

My Creative Manifesto

Very early I became a fun of art. I liked to sculpt, to cut from paper, but especially I preferred to paint watercolors and gouache. Picturesque scenery of my homeland inspired me to create art pieces. I was eager to paint a variety of landscapes and flowers. But, in my opinion, it was necessary to created them from memory only. Sometimes if the paintings accumulated a lot, I made real home exhibitions. I pasted my works on the walls and called on mom, dad and sister to show them my gallery.
Gradually, the child interest for creativity turned to a serious passion for painting.
In Art School I studied classical system - drawing - plaster casts, sketches of nature and so on. But I was never inspired. My mindset has always been different. I wished to paint black flowers and change a classic portrait with the most unexpected lines and colors.
In 1994 I leaved Republic Moldova for Israel. Unfortunately I have been forced to leave oil painting because of difficult life circumstances.
After a long break in 2004, I was able to do what I loved most of all – to paint. During this long break, I had been educating myself and had achieved great success. And I’d realized that I had to find myself in painting again. In my childhood I was interested exclusively in watercolor and thick cardboard or paper. Learning in Art School, I discovered a whole world of oil paints and painting on canvas.
After my forced inactivity in oil painting thin strokes of brushes didn’t satisfy any more my ideas about how to express myself and my attitude to the subject of the artworks that I created. I began to look for new expressive means. Fortunately I had found them. Fine possibility of palette knives gave a new life for my art. The works with palette knives are more vivid, textured, more saturated with color. Also the technique of palette knives requires more precise movements and premeditated plot. Although the endless variations with colors and shades indefinitely allow to change any plot of any artwork.
Today I’ve found my own style and technique of painting. I am confidently going forward full of creative plans and ideas.

I would like to note that my favorite artist in different periods of my development as an artist were Gustav Klimt, Marc Chagall.

01 March 2012