About the Artist

My name is John Stanfield I am an Australian artist who has been practicing for over 25 years. I live in Sydney and graduated from The National Art School in Darlinghurst Sydney. I majored in painting.

I work mainly in acrylics and in a small scale. My subject involves ethnology and creativity and its development in insular environments. The series of postcard size paintings extend the experimentation of temporal and spatial constructions that have their origins in the process of what Jackson Pollock termed 'visual scanning' or unconscious elemental vision. The series is sequential and has been in continium for over ten years.

2012- Variant Shades...Paintings and Drawings.. Sheffer Gallery Sydney
2008- Songkhran Water Festival...Paintings and Drawings.. Flinders St Gallery Sydney
2002 -Peripheral Vision Cuttcliffe Gallery Newtown Sydney
2001- Natural Rhythum and Social Cycles...Artist in Resindence..Museum of Archaeology Valletta Malta