About the Artist

I have been painting for 26 years and showing and selling my work for 21 years. I have been taking an advanced Oil Painting class for the past 26 years where I have been exposed to Art History, a fundamental element I refer to and consider in all my work.

Artist's Statement

After many evolutions and
through many different series,
I have successfully arrived at
a place with my art that is
strong, passionate and
unique. Line, form and a
refined drawn image are as
important to me as color,
paint and paint application.
I am always aware of the
canvas as the flat, 2
dimensional object that it is.
And, I am always aware of the

Ultimately it is my process of
drawing as well as my
process of painting that I am
seeking to convey. And, in so
doing, I want my viewer to be
able to emotionally connect
with the essence or soul of
my subject matter while
always being given the
opportunity to see,
experience and discover
something new.

I have exhibited in group and solo shows all over the world.