About the Artist

Mark Sunderland is a landscape and travel photographer based in North Yorkshire, England. Mark's work has been widely published in magazines and books, and highly commended in the BG Wildlife Photographer of The Year competition for Composition and Form. Mark has been a freelance photographer since 2004, producing fine art landscape prints and stock travel images.

I like to describe my view of the landscape as “observational”. Whilst the wide view of a huge vista can be spectacular, I generally prefer to get in a bit closer and seek out hidden shapes and patterns which may not be immediately obvious. I am most definitely a colour landscape photographer, so good colours and colour combinations are essential elements in my photographs.

A sense of scale is of little importance to me in this style of work, so I’m happy making abstract, even visually confusing images and now I’m working digitally I am experimenting more with camera movement to simplify and abstract the landscape further to impressionistic areas of colour.

Wild Planet, an outdoor exhibition of work from past Wildlife Photographer of The Year competitions: Brighton March - Sept 2010, Sheffield Oct 2010 – March 2011, Bath April – Sept 2011

Landscape Expressions at The Treasurer's House, York, September 2010

Harrogate Open, Mercer art Gallery, Swan Road, Harrogate July - Sept 2008

Mountain Landscape, Great Northern Wine, Blossomgate, Ripon, May – June 2008

Fisherton Mill, Salisbury, Aug – Nov 2004

Vinopolis, Bank End, London, June – July 2004

BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Exhibition, Worldwide, 2000-2001