About the Artist

Originally trained as an artist at the High School of Music and Art in New York City, Mr Blender became an architect and has received many awards for the excellence of his buildings. But he always kept up with his art work.

Upon retirement from his architectural practice he became the University Architect for the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida. It was here in their excellent art school the he again began to concentrate on his art work by drawing and then doing lithographs and silk screening.

Upon retirement from the University he set up his studio to do large scale oil paintings using the human form for the basis of his compositions.

Now located in Southern New Jersey, he maintains his studio in his home.

As an architect, the strict geometry of structure foistered a rigidity that only representations of the human form is able to overcome. My paintings use the figure as a basis of the compositions that form abstract relationships of ligt and dark,line and form and depth. The painting technique used is a form of pointalism that imparts a freshness and power to the works.

Many exhibitions at the Broward County (Florida) Art Guild where many prizes were recieved. In New Jersey he has exhibited in the Burlington County Gallery and County Colleges wher, once again, the excellence of his work has been recognized with awards.

www. martinblender.com