About the Artist

Natalia Baykalova was born on April, 7th, 1985 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. She raised in an unartisitc family. However her mother Tatiana noticed her art talent and always encouraged and helped improving Natalia’s talent. At the age of 10 years Natalia has started to develop her talent by attending classes in an art studio, then she applied and studied in the most higher art school of Surikova. And at the age of 15 Natalia joined the Art College of Surikova, which well known by it’s high level of the classical traditions. After 5 years she graduated and later Natalia begins her career working as a designer, illustrator, and then as an Art Director in City Format Magazine. At the magazine she has begun to work as a photographer. This new work helped Natalia to define further visions and directions for her paintings. During same working years with the magazine she didn’t stop painting and she create her own style of painting through her talented vision using various methods of expression. Henceforth painting has become her first priority and taking her attention to the end. All her life experiences and education are mixed together to deliver a very talented and experienced paintings to the world.

In paintings I reflect my knowledge, emotions, myself and the world. My paintings are bright and rich. I try to convey simple and clear sense over habitual things.

personal exhibition "Feminine" in Cala Gallery by 14 of October till 18 of November 2012.
in Cairo, Egypt.